20 Food and Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2017

With every new year comes a new range of advice, trends, fads and shocks when it comes to health and fitness. 2016 was the year of wearable technology, bodyweight training, high-spec supplements, paleo and kombucha. The ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling became mainstream, amaranth took over from quinoa as the new “supergrain”, and birch water became a popular thirst-quencher. Holidaymakers booked into meditation resorts for mindfulness sessions and massages, while avocado jumped from toast to skincare and hair masks.

2016 was a big year for health and fitness, so what’s 2017 going to bring?

Top of the trending list sits the microbiome diet, which suggests that by eating a certain way you can encourage an environment that helps important organisms thrive, leading to more efficient digestion, absorption of nutrients, weight loss and overall wellbeing. There’s also a focus on “functional” nutritious meals rather than “super” foods, while dairy-free, gluten-free, and low-FODMAP diets will continue to rise in popularity.

In terms of fitness, hybrid workouts that combine meditation with kickboxing or yoga are all the rage, while crawling is the new planking – the muddier the ground the better. There will also be DNA testing that allows you to determine the best fitness and nutrition programme to suit your genes, and you’ll likely see a ton of people engaging their muscles on slacklines.

Aerobics is back, sleep is a must, and the term “clean eating” might even be scrapped. Can’t keep up? Then try following these must-read food and fitness blogs, which will not only keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in terms of health, but will have you feeling inspired, encouraged, and well-supported in your quest for greater wellbeing.

Fitness blogs to follow

1. Bare Vitality


Claudia Beyer is a holistic personal trainer, health and lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, health blogger, and author of Your Holistic Metabolism. She believes in the importance of sharing what you love and what she loves is running, cooking, creating, learning and exploring. Her lesson is simple – create a relationship with your body based on pure love and respect and good things will follow.

Must-read post: Check out her recipe for a Healing Carrot Turmeric and Ginger Soup, which is packed full of healthy vitamin A and C. This soup has amazing anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, and is high in healing antioxidant powers.

2. Fitness in the City


Lee Sutherland is a Sydney-based health and fitness specialist with extensive knowledge in nutrition, health coaching and personal training. Her blog focuses on three main aspects: Live, Move and Nourish. A strong advocate for healthy eating, she believes in consuming whole foods in their natural state and that nutrition and fitness are both needed to achieve health success.

Must-read post: How Athletes Train Whilst Minimising the Risk of Injuries is actually a guest blog by professional sports physiotherapist Mark Alexander, but it’s an interesting read for anyone looking to improve their high-level athletic performance. There’s a fine line between training for peak performance and getting injured, and this post should help.

3. Amelia Phillips


Having been in the health and fitness industry for more than 18 years, Amelia Phillips knows her stuff. Since completing her science degree she’s enjoyed a career as a personal trainer, nutritionist, health club owner and corporate speaker, and as one of the four directors and co-founders of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, she’s definitely one to follow.

Must-read post: If you’re looking to increase your iron intake or learn more about the types of foods that contain more iron, take a look at Everything You Need to Know About Your Iron Intake for Amelia’s advice.

4. Cassie White


Cassie White is a Sydney-based personal trainer, yoga coach and health journalist that’s calling time on the endless comparing to others, body-shaming and insecurities that most of us experience at some point or another. She’s a razor-sharp, sassy and conscientious dynamo that knows all matters fitness and health. If she doesn’t – she’ll find the answer for you.

Must-read post: Cassie’s must-read yoga post is Yoga to Ease Back & Neck Pain, which offers seven gentle poses that can relieve back and shoulder tension while bringing you back to earth in times of stress.

5. North of Here


Ali is the face behind North of Here, and has been blogging since 2008. When moving from Melbourne to Darwin she felt inspired to live a more positive life, and so she created her blog as a space for women to come to be empowered to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Today, North of Here has evolved into a place where you can find other women sharing their health, wellbeing and fitness adventures, along with realistic tips and advice.

Must-read post: F45 gyms seem to be popping up all over Australia and if you’re not clued up on this new fitness trend, you should be. F45 combines both high intensity interval training and functional training, and essentially means “functional training for 45 minutes”. What Is F45? offers an honest review on this popular training technique.

6. Katie Rebekah


Popular Instagrammer Katie Rebekah Osborne made the decision to start a lifestyle blog when she moved across the seas from England to Perth in 2014. Her blog is a comprehensive resource that offers great advice on all things life affirming. Adventure, beauty, food and fitness – Katie’s blog has it all.

Must-read post: Whether or not you’re a lover of yoga, Yoga in the Dunes will have you daydreaming of Australia Day spent on the Lancelin sand dunes. Together with her yoga-loving friend Sam, Katie headed for the stunning dunes on January 26 for a sand-based workout, some awesome photography and a little bit of zenning out.

7. Iron Mum Karla


An accredited Health, Lifestyle, and Food Coach, certified Level III and IV Fitness Trainer and a former Ironwoman competitor, Karla is certainly in the know when it comes to all things health and fitness. Now a mother of two, the shift towards family life has seen her become increasingly passionate about fitness, health and wellbeing. Her blog is an outlet through which she shares advice on nutrition, fitness, health coaching, recipes and more with her readers, with the hope to encourage others to keep health and wellbeing as a top priority within our busy lifestyles.

Must-read post: Living a healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with developing healthy habits, and breaking negative ones. This powerful article from Karla prompts readers to ask themselves 4 important questions before breaking unhealthy habits and dedicating themselves to change.

8. Freedomology


Nardia Norman is a multi-passionate Freedom Entrepreneur, international presenter and author, and Australian Personal Trainer of the Year (2014). She focuses on encouraging women to reclaim their bodies and power, speak their mind, and reach their full physical and emotional capabilities.

Must-read post: PMS can have most women feeling like they just want to curl up on the couch and stay put for a week. However, Nardia encourages women to do otherwise. Her blog on PMS and Exercise explores the positive influences of exercise on PMS, tried and tested on herself.

9. WellFit Personal Training


WellFit Personal Training is a Newcastle Personal Training studio created to deliver maximum results to its clients. The mission of its blog is to create healthy habits and mindsets that empower you to totally transform your body and your life, whatever your current situation is.

Must-read post: Each time we set a goal, be it big or small, we ignite a fire that flows through the body in a motivating way. The Importance of Goal Setting takes a look at why goals are an essential part of healthy living.

10. Dani Stevens


Being an over-40-year-old mother of four, Dani Stevens helps motivate women all over Australia to defy the effects of ageing via an active lifestyle. The purpose of the blog is to keep it real, share practical and doable tips, and encourage busy mums to understand that you are never “too busy” to take care of your own body.

Must-read post: Millions of people are diagnosed with lung related diseases every year, and Understanding Your Lung Health will help you maximise your exercising capabilities and undo any negative impacts your lungs have already endured.

Food blogs to follow

1. Sarah Cooks


Currently obsessed with açaí bowls and avocados, Sarah is a Malaysian-Chinese-Australian food-lover based in Melbourne. Although she works full time in an industry unrelated to her blog, Sarah has a self-professed obsession with food, and so cooking, baking and blogging fills up most of her spare time. Sarah keeps her blog up-to-date and regularly posts engaging content about travel, recipes, and cafe and restaurant reviews.

Must-read post: Gingerbread doesn’t have to be a treat just for the kids. Sarah’s spin on this festive delicacy sees the addition of coffee as a prime ingredient, and trust us, this gingerbread will sure to be a hit all year round.

2. Shenannagans


Get your chef on and join Anna’s “shenannagans” in the kitchen. Focusing on plant-based, gluten free, dairy-free and sugar-free dishes, you can chomp, stomp and romp your way around the globe and meet her favourite foodies and industry colleagues.

Must-read post:
Her post on Daydream Island – Part 1: The Decision is inspiring read about how positive thinking and mindfulness allowed Anna to manifest her dreams into reality.

3. Veggies & Me


Megan Young is a Sydney-based recipe developer, health food consultant, plant-based diet and wellness advocate, as well as a mum to Mack and wife to James. Having been a cook ever since she could remember, she started a blog in 2011, focusing on her love for fresh, wholesome and local produce.

Must-read post: If you can’t stand the idea of giving up chocolate and cream in the name of good health, you’ll be happy to know that Avocado Chocolate Mousse can be just as tasty as its more conventional counterpart. Yum!

4. Oh My Goodness



The Oh My Goodness (OMG) blog is the ultimate guide to a healthy lifestyle. The blog was born following Zara D’Cotta’s diagnosis with breast cancer just shy of her 30th birthday, and was inspired by everything she learned along her road to recovery and wellbeing. The blog encompasses all things healthy living, including fitness trends, whole food recipes, the best healthy eating spots and travel advice.

Must-read post: We all know that a healthy breakfast is the most important part of our morning routines, but with our on-the-go lifestyles, it can become difficult to properly nourish ourselves in the morning. This doesn’t need to be the case – OMG have put together a list of Melbourne’s Best Healthy Breakfasts On the Go.

5. Emiko Davies


Emiko Davies is half Japanese, half Australian, with an Italian husband and a daughter who’s spent two thirds of her life living in other countries. Right now they live in Tuscany, so the focus of the blog is on regional Italian cuisine.

Must-read post: If you’re a fan of artichoke, you simply must make this Italian Spring inspired artichoke tart – the Italian equivalent of a quiche, perfect for lunch on-the-go.

6. Create Bake Make


Brisbane mum Lauren is a baker, writer and online shopping addict. As an avid baker, she found herself starting a blog in 2013, which has now morphed into a space of hundreds of recipes and stories of life’s challenges. For parents looking to feed their kids healthy “treats”, this blog will fill you with inspiration.

Must-read post: Due to their active little lifestyles, it’s normal for some children to live in a perpetual state of peckishness, no matter how much they eat. If you’re struggling to come up with healthy snacks to feed your little ones, here is a great range of afternoon snack ideas (along with recipes) to satisfy all little tastebuds.

7. Dbites


Dbites is an Adelaide food blog that tells you all the top places to find a good feed in Adelaide. From Eliza Street’s newest warehouse cafe Mama Jambo to St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert, dbites visits them all.

Must-read post: When Chef Billy Petropoulos launched his new menu in August, Dee was invited to the Jetty Road restaurant Crema on Jetty. Read her experience here.

8. The Merry Maker Sisters


Emma and Carla are the Merry Maker Sisters, and their blog is an awesome source of positive advice, inspiration and clear action steps to help you create your best life possible. Overwhelmed by the world of negative body image, fad diets and quick fixes, Emma and Carla soon realised that the key to a healthy life wasn’t focusing on what you can and can’t eat, but rather focusing on adding more ‘good’ to your life (and plate!)

Must-read post: These clever sisters have recently developed the Get Merry Recipe App, an awesome resource that gives access to all their healthy recipes, straight from your smart phone!

9. Confessions of a Glutton


A Sydney girl’s food blog about all things delicious, Confessions of a Glutton, by Cath Chen, is also about life as a lawyer, Zumba Fitness instructor, and the best eats in and around the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Cath’s philosophy is that while we are required to eat to sustain our bodies and survive, we should also find enjoyment in doing so.

Must-read post: Breakfast-in-Bed Crepes is the perfect start to the day for any couple looking to linger between the sheets a little longer than usual. Buttery, silky crepes topped with slices of perfectly soft, caramelised pear, their sweetness is offset by the slight bitterness of the lavishly drizzled chocolate sauce.

10. Mr & Mrs Romance


Mr & Mrs Romance – Jim and Christina to friends –  is a site that looks at life from both a woman and man’s perspective. Find advice on all things travel, fitness, food and living. Their food and drink section features places from their travels, as well as recipes, like the perfect Aussie snack recipe.

Must-read post: Mr & Mrs Romance’s must read post is a review of Gaia Retreat and Spa Byron Bay. The retreat is a small resort that sits on a high hill near Byron Bay offering 270-degree views all the way to the ocean. Set on 24 acres, it’s a place for everything that healthy living embodies – relaxation and workshops, massages, good food and meditation.

Feeling inspired?

Have we missed a food or fitness blog that you can’t get enough of? Share it with us and help inspire others to live a healthy, happy life in 2017. And for more motivation to live a happier and healthier life, check out our article on 8 Daily Habits to Look After Your Body to keep you feeling good both inside and out.

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